Monday, May 5, 2008

It's like riding a bike... it all comes back to you!

Riding a bike is the thing we never forget how to do. And so once again we have brought out the bikes and went for our first evening ride. Racing through the neighborhood tonight I was reminded of long ago learning to ride my bike circa 1955. I remember my aunt and uncle buying me a three speed which was too big for me and we tried and tried to get me going. After several rounds of skinned knees and wounded pride they finally bought me a used no-speed bike with a much smaller frame. Once they got me over the fact that the "new"/"old" bike would just be a training bike, I overcame my fear and started to ride. Once they were sure I was doing well on the used bike, the original gift reappeared and I was off and riding. Little did I know that 52 years later this would be a skill I would still possess and actually use!
This strikes me as a great life lesson. How often do we learn a skill and regard it as unimportant, only to later realize that it is something we find needful,useful or at the very least, enjoyable. So what skills have you long ago abandoned? One I intend to resurrect is surfing. Now it has been well over 30 years since I tried to get up on a board, but I know I still have it in me! I wonder if there is a Granny Surf Camp for which I can sign up? Another acquired skill was that of the monkey bars... now this skill, unlike bike riding, I do not see in my future!

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David Rendall said...

I'm not sure about granny surf camp. However, if you do decide to get back on the monkey bars, make sure you get some monkey buddies!

David Rendall