Friday, November 16, 2012

Scripture Lady

My morning commute here in North Carolina is NOTHING like my long drive used to be in New Jersey. There I could carry on long conversations, listen to entire audio books in a few days. Here I know that I can leave home at 7:27 and still be at work in time to punch the time clock by 7:45! There is really very little traffic, an occasional school bus or fender bender, but by and large there is nothing to impede progress.  The ride is so short in fact that there is rarely time to listen too much of an audio book or even to complete a phone call.  

But recently something new has been added to the "what to my wondering eyes did appear" part of my trip to school.   Every morning I pass a lovely, African-American, elderly woman who stands at the end of her driveway on a very busy road holding up handmade simple scripture cards. At first I didn't really notice what she was doing, then I started to pay closer attention... she is faithful - rain or shine, heat or cold. I now slow down and wave to her and she waves back.  

There seems to be a repeat order to the cards and she always has the references from the New Testament using the St. in front of the apostle's names. St. John, St. James, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and so on. One morning I picked up my phone and asked Siri to look up the reference ... she came back and read the verse - one of the so send I you verses... then she said - "Now I don't know what I am supposed to do with that... "  Got to love Siri, and most certainly have to love the faithful saint standing by the side of the road sharing the good news... even if I can't always catch the verse as I drive by at 45 miles per hour! 

Love my North Carolina life!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day of Randomness = Delighfulness

I am guilty of telling my students that what helps with writing is to just start to write-to put something on paper... and so today I begin  by listing my day!  I am not sure what this will become other than to detail the randomness of some of my days...

made Blueberry muffins

cleared kitchen table (only to dump it into my office)

washed kitchen window inside

cleaned a drain (ewwww)

washed the windows on all of the doors

took down the front porch plants and cut them all back to hang in the garage

vacuumed  the side porch and brought in those porch plants to transition to indoor life!

transplanted the aloe plants into 2 other containers

rearranged living room corner

brought in and cleaned up the 4th of July decor from the porches

vacuumed the living room

changed the 2 filters for the heat/air pumps

 took the back porch furniture to the attic and also cushions, soccer chairs, etc.

cleaned the light fixture in the kitchen

played with facebook, twitter and the internettyness

talked with several of my children

enjoyed a fire in the fireplace

watched a sad movie

had pizza for supper and leftover chili for lunch

tomorrow will be another day!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't Be Alarmed... Step Away from the Bag!

A few weeks ago I was most blessed to travel to the Boston area with our  youngest daughter, Jaime. This trip was Jaime's gift to me for my birthday!  We spent the first day in Lexington / Concord, and on the second day we took the train into downtown Boston to walk the Freedom Trail.  We were not aware when we ventured out that morning that we would be sharing Boston with over 2 million Bruin fans, who had all come to town to watch the Stanley Cup parade and celebrate with their team! This made visiting the historic sites easy as most of the people were in town for the Bruins!

We had enjoyed a great day together and we were coming to the end of the trail with only two more major stops to make. It was hot and we had been walking since about 10: 30 and it was now about 4:00 in the afternoon. 
We arrived at the USS Constitution and couldn't decide if we wanted to actually go on the boat and go through security or just look at it from the pier.  After a few minutes we walked to the end of the pier and took pictures of the beautiful Boston skyline. About this time we start to hear a loud, high pitched alarm. We thought it odd that no one seemed upset by the sound but kept doing whatever they were already involved with. 

We decided to go on the boat and so we were willing to go through the tight security.  We showed our picture ids, put our purses and camera bags on the x-ray belt and walked through the metal detector. All seemed fine and we were cleared. The last member of security who checked my id said he wondered what the alarm was about but sent us through.

When we arrived in the visitor center, we first went to the restrooms and then planned to tour the visitor center to learn more about the USS Constitution. However, all too soon a young man approached me. He was obviously an employee of the visitor center.  " Excuse me, Mam, I think your bag is making a noise." I told him that it wasn't me and that my daughter and I had heard the sound outside, through security, in the restroom - and well just  everywhere! He said, " Mam, It has been a long day and I don't have the authority to go through your bag - but your bag is making the sound."  I became slightly indignant and told Jaime to take him outside and show him that the noise was OUTSIDE too and in fact EVERYWHERE!  I sat down near the door and Jaime and the young man went outside!

A minute or two later they returned. Jaime,  no doubt mortified by now, looked at me and said, "Mom - it has to be you- the noise is NOT outside NOW!" So then the young man looks at me and says, " Mam, is it your LIFE ALERT?" I said, "Son, I may be old, but I am NOT THAT OLD!" I start digging through my camera bag and there at the very bottom was - the personal alarm and whistle that I carry when I travel alone.I had forgotten that I even had it with me. I have never used it - and the alarm cord has never come out before!! 

I started laughing so hard ... by now we had quite a crowd of people around us who thought that either I was some crazy terrorist out to destroy the USS Constitution - or just a pathetic old person!  One of the joys of getting older is that we do not find things like this to be very alarming! :)   I don't think I even apologized to the poor kid! I did apologize to Jaime!  " Don't be alarmed Jaime, your mother is just getting old!" :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Along the Way...

Recently, I learned a valuable lesson about doing things when you first think to do them. For four years I drove past an old one-room school house -thinking each time I really need to take a picture of that building. Imagine my heartbeak when I drove by a few weeks ago and saw that a giant oak tree had fallen and destroyed the old school! So yesterday while driving home from the beach, I took the time to stop and take pictures of the things that caught my eye! 

 The Old South still lives in Eastern North Carolina! Yesterday on the way home from the beach I stopped and took a few pictures of things that caught my attention! This plantation house was the first stop ... along the way... somewhere near Maysville, NC
 Harvest is near! This barn is located just outside of Trenton, NC
Oh the stories this old house could tell. Located in Trenton, NC - the old house no doubt holds the stories of many lives. I could spend hours thinking about the people who lived there.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

NC A Place to Call Home: There she was with a pink and white flowing twirly little dress in the parking lot of Sam's...

NC A Place to Call Home: There she was with a pink and white flowing twirly little dress in the parking lot of Sam's...

Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson

Once again a Lisa Samson novel has completely captivated me.  I invite you to read the latest of Samson's fine works.


There she was with a pink and white flowing twirly little dress in the parking lot of Sam's...

holding tightly to her mother's hand, barefoot on hot pavement. The child could not have been more than six or seven. A closer look revealed a slightly rumpled dress and hair only slightly less red than her mother's. The young mom, in her early twenties, held the girl by one hand and a small clear plastic box with the other. In the box were small resealable bags with peanuts still in the shells.  "Mammm" she called out to me. "Yes?"  "Mammm, we are trying to get some money for some groceries, would you be willin to buy some peanuts?'  I gave her a few dollars and told her I did not need the peanuts and wished them well . She thanked me and headed the other way with the little girl in tow.  I was clearly rattled as I headed to the entrance to meet my own daughter inside.  As I returned to my car about 15 minutes later I looked for the pair. I wanted to take them shopping or bring them  home or both. But I could not find them in the lot. I do not know if the mom truly just needed the money for groceries or if she was going to use the money for something else. How she was going to use the money was not important, what was important was the fact that she was there in the parking lot with her daughter in hand asking strangers for money.   I wanted to do more, to help more but a plan did not come together at once and then when I had at least the beginnings of a plan, they were gone.  I don't know if they will eat tonight or where they will sleep. I pray that she sold enough peanuts to at least provide food for them for today.  I pray that someone else responded more quickly than me and that the pair will get a new start.  God please protect the little red-headed pair.