Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day of Randomness = Delighfulness

I am guilty of telling my students that what helps with writing is to just start to write-to put something on paper... and so today I begin  by listing my day!  I am not sure what this will become other than to detail the randomness of some of my days...

made Blueberry muffins

cleared kitchen table (only to dump it into my office)

washed kitchen window inside

cleaned a drain (ewwww)

washed the windows on all of the doors

took down the front porch plants and cut them all back to hang in the garage

vacuumed  the side porch and brought in those porch plants to transition to indoor life!

transplanted the aloe plants into 2 other containers

rearranged living room corner

brought in and cleaned up the 4th of July decor from the porches

vacuumed the living room

changed the 2 filters for the heat/air pumps

 took the back porch furniture to the attic and also cushions, soccer chairs, etc.

cleaned the light fixture in the kitchen

played with facebook, twitter and the internettyness

talked with several of my children

enjoyed a fire in the fireplace

watched a sad movie

had pizza for supper and leftover chili for lunch

tomorrow will be another day!

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