Saturday, August 14, 2010

There she was with a pink and white flowing twirly little dress in the parking lot of Sam's...

holding tightly to her mother's hand, barefoot on hot pavement. The child could not have been more than six or seven. A closer look revealed a slightly rumpled dress and hair only slightly less red than her mother's. The young mom, in her early twenties, held the girl by one hand and a small clear plastic box with the other. In the box were small resealable bags with peanuts still in the shells.  "Mammm" she called out to me. "Yes?"  "Mammm, we are trying to get some money for some groceries, would you be willin to buy some peanuts?'  I gave her a few dollars and told her I did not need the peanuts and wished them well . She thanked me and headed the other way with the little girl in tow.  I was clearly rattled as I headed to the entrance to meet my own daughter inside.  As I returned to my car about 15 minutes later I looked for the pair. I wanted to take them shopping or bring them  home or both. But I could not find them in the lot. I do not know if the mom truly just needed the money for groceries or if she was going to use the money for something else. How she was going to use the money was not important, what was important was the fact that she was there in the parking lot with her daughter in hand asking strangers for money.   I wanted to do more, to help more but a plan did not come together at once and then when I had at least the beginnings of a plan, they were gone.  I don't know if they will eat tonight or where they will sleep. I pray that she sold enough peanuts to at least provide food for them for today.  I pray that someone else responded more quickly than me and that the pair will get a new start.  God please protect the little red-headed pair.

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