Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Poverty Czar??!!!???

Are you kidding me? While most of the time I stay away from discussing politics in a public forum, today I feel I must make at least a comment about something Hillary Clinton said today. While watching an interview conducted by a reporter from a Raleigh station, Mrs. Clinton said that the way she would combat poverty in the US would be to immediately appoint a POVERTY CZAR... can someone say OXIMORON? Wasn't the Russian Czar deposed by poor people precisely for being the CZAR? Is not the very connotation of the word Czar, the words, MONEY, RICHES, etc?
And just who would Hilary appoint to the lofty postion??? Donald Trump, Warren Buffett? Bill Gates? Would the CZAR have a CZARISTA? What would the first act of the POVERTY CZAR be? A proclamation banning poor people? An opening of the national treasury giving all of the poor gasoline for a year?
PLEASSSSE Mrs. Clinton give us a break!

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