Monday, May 12, 2008

Somewhere I have at least one brother...

...and today is his birthday! This brother would be two years older than me, so that would make him 60 I think! I have not laid eyes on John Edward Krueger since I was in the 8th grade. That is about 45 years give or take one. John was my step-brother for about three years while his father and my mother were married.(Long depressing story). When his dad died he moved back to Wisconsin with his mom and four other siblings and I never saw him again. I did talk to John on the phone about 14 years ago. He was still living in Wisconsin, had never married, and was going back to school. He had overcome obstacles in his life and was on the road to recovery. We each had memories which were less than fond of our step-parents, but at least for awhile he was my brother and so...

John, I wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful rest of your life. I pray that God grants you the peace you seek and gives you the desires of your heart.

Your pesky little sister,


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