Sunday, April 20, 2008

Roller Rue, Anna and Emma Grace too...

Years ago when our own children were young, my husband took great joy in taking them roller skating. Amanda,Jaime and Dan would chase him around the roller rink and they became good little skaters. So recently Garey suggested that he might take our two oldest grand-daughters roller skating. Yesterday was the big day... we went to the rink and I was able to watch as the girls started the process of learning to skate. Emma Grace is 4 and Anna is 6. They each brought skates of their own. Emma realized very quickly that if she was going to learn to skate she needed the skates like the other kids were wearing. Anna was content to wear her own shoe skates.
The part that made me laugh was watching the girls hang on to Garey for dear life! After 15 minutes Gar was sweating like he had been working out for an hour. When the large stuffed Kangaroo called Roller Rue skated out, Emma Grace said she did not want to skate with him. She watched carefully until Roller Rue skated back into his closet! Anna observed that the boy behind the skate counter, went into the closet before Roller Rue came out and the boy came out of the closet only when Roller Rue went back into the closet. So she cleverly deduced that indeed the boy from behind the counter and Roller Rue were one in the same!
In less than an hour the girls were ready for a snack and they were very tired. We think their arms were probably more worn out than their feet.
We are will no doubt go back to the rink when G-pa recovers! :)


Dan said...

i wish i could have seen this.
did gar still have his old skates?
i bet his feet were so soar.

Nana2three said...

Hey Dan... Well sadly his old skates had been through the flood at the old house and had become moldy. But he still has it and skates so well! His arms were the sore part! :) The girls were so cute! But they were hanging on for dear life!

Have fun at Adrian's wedding this weekend. Mom