Friday, April 4, 2008

Reason to Rejoice!

We continue to rejoice with Nate, now that his wife Tricia has received her glorious gift of new lungs. The days and weeks to come will still need much prayer. Continue to intercede for this family.

I remember years ago when I was in ICU for many months that some people prayed just for our finances to be taken care of. Even when there was much doubt as to if I would live or not, there were many who just kept praying that God would cover all of the bills!

This has been my prayer of late for Nate, Tricia and the baby. The last thing these sweet young people need is horrific debt. So we pray that God would supernaturally take care of EVERY medical bill for both the baby and Tricia! I believe that they have insurance, but as with all insurance policies, there are always things that are not covered and so we ask the Lord to do what only He can.

Nate has so much on his plate right now, but keeps standing watch for his girls. Visit for the most recent updates!

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