Sunday, April 6, 2008

Story of Starvel...

I recently heard from an "old" college roommate who remembered my 'friend' Starvel. Starvel was a stuffed dog that was given to me during my childhood. I hauled that poor dog around for so many years! I named him "Starvel" because even when he was new he looked like someone had starved him. I loved that dog. He was the one constant in a childhood that offered few constants of any kind.

Today I am blessed to have a life of so many constants. The constant love of my savior, the constant and undying love of my husband Garey, the constant love of my five grown children, and of course the love of my grandbabies!

So whatever happened to Starvel? Sadly someone who will forever not be named, made me part with my faithful friend long ago. But that is okay, God certainly is more than enough!

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