Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blog dependent...

Just like a patient can become ventilator dependent or ICU dependent I think I have become somewhat blog dependent. These last weeks and months I have become blog dependent while following the story of the Lawrenson's. Just like the serial movies of long ago.. I check the computer many many times a day waiting praying and watching for an update on Tricia's condition or that of the baby, the next installment if you will. And so as Tricia becomes less and less dependent on the ventilator and as the baby becomes bigger and stronger and less dependent on feeding tubes it is only fitting that all of those of us who have been part of their journey should also start to be weened. The day is coming SOON when the family will be going home and start living a "normal" life. We will continue to pray but we will never forget the faith and courage we have seen in the lives of this young family.

Until then I am going through withdrawal when Nate takes a blogging break! AH!


Young Creations said...

I completely understand. I went away this weekend and I found myself wanting to go back to the room to check the blog. Thanks for saying what was on my mind.

amy said...

Great post..Totally agree. I actually found your blog on their site.

That was really a great post. YOu have a fabulous attitude. Cant wait to read more