Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Story of Me...Part II

Once home from her almost visit to the back street abortionist, Thelma found herself still at odds with her own mother. (Flashback: Lottie and Harry Kay had adopted Thelma as an infant after their own tragic eight failed pregnancies. The couple doted on the independent baby. To say Thelma was spoiled was an understatement. As the only child of a somewhat older couple, Thelma soon learned how to take full advantage of her position in life.)

Flash forward... So now that Thelma found herself " in the family way" Lottie was angry, humiliated and just utterly devastated. How could this brilliant child who had a full ride to Brown Univerisity offered to her, how could she do this to her mother? Letters were written between the two and torn up, they were barely speaking to each other. (The details here are a bit sketchy as this writer was not made privy to even the basics of the story until sometime around 1993.) Somewhere along the way either through the family of the baby's father, or through friends of Thelma's, plans were made for Thelma to travel to New Hampshire to spend the rest of her "confinement". When she went and where she stayed and with whom are pieced together through faded memories of hushed conversations heard long ago.

Thelma had moved in with a woman who would become the baby's god mother. ( Her name escapes me at the moment which is partly why I feel the need to have the story written down somewhere before I forget all of it!)

How long Thelma was in New Hampshire before the birth, is not exactly known, but on November 14th, 1950 little Susan Marion made her entrance into the world. How she got her name is not exactly known but Thelma's last name was Kay, the baby's father was Haggerty, but somehow, for reasons known only to Thelma, Susan's birth certifcate states her name as Susan Marion Brasse.
(Only this past Christmas did I come across a picture designed for a bathroom with the images of a mirror, comb and brush and there in French, for all to see, was the word... Brasse... so yes, my last name was hairbrush- Susan Marion Hairbrush! She later told me she made it up! I guess she did!! Ha, no wonder I have always been so partial to the Veggie Tale song " Where is My Hairbrush?"
It seems obvious that Thelma did not stay in New Hampshire long, because I spent my 1st Christmas back in Rhode Island in the attic apartment directly above my Nana's. Once Lottie got her first look at me.. all was forgiven.. I now became the golden child to both my mother and my grandmother! (to be continued)

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