Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine Post

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! A day of romance and love. But this morning as I reflect on yesterday, I am keenly aware that my husband makes almost everyday like Valentine's Day. Yesterday morning he surprised me at the crack of dawn with a hysterical singing card which I loved and a box of chocolates which, I wll enjoy, but certainly do not NEED! I found him a sweet card and an itunes card for his shuffle.

But seriously, I am so spoiled. Everyday... this is a man who wakes me up (repeatedly) rubs my back, makes and serves my coffee, starts my car, carries my belongings to the car! Wow! Am I dreaming? Since we married he has spoiled me non-stop. So when Valentine's Day comes there is no need for a big hoop te do-- I beg NOT TO BE TAKEN TO DINNER! Who needs the crowds, the bad service and the inflated prices? So last night we enjoyed Taco Bell, the evening news with Charlie Gibson, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, just like most every other night! Now THAT is Valentine's Day for me! I love you Garey!

PS.. This morning he is having a biopsy taken of his tongue. So if you would like to pray that would be most appreciated!

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