Friday, February 15, 2008

The Circuit!

So I have now been to Curves twice! I have worked the circuit on my own two times and worked the circuit two times with the trainers. So my impressions... one should NOT attempt this without a sports bra! :) Especially if that one is over 50! HA!
Impression # 2 There are MANY teachers there all seemingly working off day to day frustrations from their jobs! I am not there for that purpose, but fall into that time slot I guess. I love my job but need to move more and lose weight! Impression # 3 I will also need to adjust eating habits! A box of Hot Tamales, a package of Vanilla Cream Wafers and Taco Bell will not offset a 30 minute workout!

Additionally, I have now purchased from Sam's Club a set of yoga pants, sports bras, and tank tops all made for Bally's gym- how ironic is that! So I have the gear- so here I go! I will keep you appraised of my future successes!

This should be a hoot!


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