Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Short Term Prophet... Haggai ... the rest of the story.

When we left our prophet hero, he had just shown up to give the first of his messages. Remember we know his name means festival, or festive. Haggai would today be known as a one hit wonder. His entire ministry (as far as we are told) consisted of four messages given over the course of four months. 4 WORDS over 4 MONTHS! We know this because Haggai himself kept detailed dated entries on his blog! :)

When Haggai shows up he finds an alter built - but abandoned. He finds the beginning outline of a foundation for the rebuilding of the temple. The people tell him that is does not seem like a good time to build. Haggai tells them to get back to work! He chastises the children of Israel asking them why are they building their own houses before they build God's house.

Hmm seems like a good reminder for us! Don't give up keep working for God. Also seems like we should remember that we should proclaim when and while we can, as we never know how long we have to share.

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