Monday, September 1, 2008

The Truth Is.......

With the disclosure today of the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter, the blog world and all networks are a buzz with the news. The truth is that if this child had opted for an abortion, NO ONE would have known. But the decision of this young woman to carry and keep her child becomes a national news story. And why? Because her mother has been named Sen. McCain's running mate for VP. I applaud Bristol's parent's decision to publicly acknowledge the pregnancy and to support their daughter. This could become a battle cry by pro-lifers, to bring the plight of the unborn to the front! In another scenario this teenager might have had her pregnancy terminated without even her parent's knowledge. The murder would have gone unnoticed by media outlets and things would have continued without a blip. But with God there are NO accidents. Perhaps, just perhaps, this announcement might open the doors for open and honest discussion about teenage pregnancy and the rights of the unborn!

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