Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mothers of Five Unite!

Now that my five children are all grown, it is obviously easier to see things clearly in hind sight. But as questions of Sarah Palin's ability to be wife, mom, governor, VP candidate, etc seem to be swirling in the media... I feel compelled to answer! The answer is YES -- SHE CAN! Mothers of five are, if I may say so humbly, remarkable!
My own five children were born in 74,76,81, and twins - twenty-two months later in 83! By 1986 I was a single mother raising these 5 children on my own. I worked two jobs.. teaching in a small Christian school by day and cleaning factories,empty apartment complexes and office buildings by night.
We were generally in church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday nights and any other time the doors were open. We rationed food. We sometimes struggled to pay the bills. We had issues with teens. But never did it occur to me or to my children that this was something in which we could not succeed. The older children helped with the younger children, several family friends were there to help us when things needed repair or to lend moral support. But we did it! The five children put themselves through Christian college. Today four of them are married, one daughter has blessed us with three granddaughters, another daughter is expecting in February. My children all work, all have Bachelors degrees, two have Masters degrees and a third daughter is currently in grad school, one is a successful film editor, two teach at the college level, one works for a nationally known non profit, and one is an HR specialist. After they were grown I went back to college and now have my Masters degree.
I believe that Sarah Palin is MORE than capable of being a successful mom, wife , governor and Vice President of the United States. I think that the leading she has done with her five, gives her the ability to lead the world! She has the experience of being an expert in foreign policy while negotiating peace treaties between fighting children. She has been an expert on the economy while trying to figure how to feed five kids and a husband on a tight budget. She understands the energy needs of the world because of driving kids back and forth to more activities than you can shake a stick at. She understands the need for affordable health care, while trying to figure out how to get all those kids vaccinated. Hockey Mom ? Indeed... PTA Mom?... Indeed.... Leader of the Free World? ABSOLUTELY!


The Rendalls said...

Thanks Mom! Thank you for teaching us the value of hard work, of a good education, of knowing the difference between right and wrong, of family and friends and most of all the value of self-worth!

I believe that behind Sarah Palin is a family who instilled these same values in her!

Go Sarah! Go Moms!

Carole's Blog said...

Just this morning (Tues 9/9) Mom and I sat at the breakfast table - my late day to start work and when I actually have time to sit at the table and.. Where was I going with this? Ah, while sitting at the table, and before reading this post, Mom and I were discussing children and how they can be the products of OUR environments, hence theirs'. We used Susan, writer of this blog as an example. Could be our breakfast conversation went in that direction as Susan and I were actually able to speak with each other on the phone last evening for the first time in what seems like forever. Finally catching up on our lives and our kids. Of course we were both yawning before, during and after each sentence as it was past our bedtimes. But again I get off track. So, Mom and I were discussing the accomplishments and whereabouts of Susan's five children - four son's-in-laws and three (soon to become four) grandchildren and the direction of the conversation was - how amazing that all above mentioned off-spring are living Godly - productive - exceptional lives. And to think of Susan's testimony of hardships, challenges (to say the least) makes their accomplishments all the more amazing. I stand in awe! But before you see Susan and Garey up there too high on that pedestal, look a bit closer. Their pedestal is the Lord Jesus - and they know it more than any of us mere observers. They know who holds them, raises them, lifts them, and to GOD BE THE GLORY!

And I agree with Susan regarding Sarah Palin! And who better to recognize a woman able to lead and organize than one who has been doing so with her own crew for all of these years?

I have but four children, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, four grandchildren, and I know the challenges Bill & I have met face on. But who's face? Face of Jesus of course.Looking into His face, see His love in His eyes for me, for my husband and my children. And then when He turns and walks through those challenges with us, we walk very closely behind. Only way to go folks.

I believe that He is Mrs. Palin's guide as well. And if she's following Him, she can sure lead us.

Now I am looking for Susan to follow suit in the leadership department. She'll get that PhD - altho I think enough already of the studying - robs my friend of sleep and down-time. But watch out NC - who knows what venue my dear friend will use to shake up her corner of the world. Education establishments are only the beginning....

Carole, back in NJ