Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia...I can't wait until you get to...

Because I used to teach with Jeff Prentiss in NJ and because Janet ( Tricia's sister) was my daughter's field hockey coach I have felt very connected to Nate and Tricia since the beginning of this adventure.

Because I spent many months, many years ago, completely paralyzed from the eyes down (Guillian-Barre syndrome.. a long blog for another day!) on a vent, and a feeding tube too.. and because I raised five children and had two little ones while I was paralyzed...

I can't wait ....

... until you can sing (with new lungs) to Gwyneth Rose.

... til just mother and daughter have that special alone time in the middle of the night, even though you will be so tired.

... until you get to hold the baby without the tubes, gloves, gowns, masks and hospital smells.
Sweet baby smells are so wonderful, hospital smells, ah not so much. Okay not all baby smells are wonderful, but you get the idea.

...put Gwyneth in the car seat for the trip home from the hospital. This is not for the faint of heart! :)

...try giving her the first bath at home. Those little ones are very slippery and squirmy!

... until you all can go to church together for the first time.

...go shopping with the baby stroller, stopping over and over as total strangers want to know all about the baby.

...go back to the hospital months from now just the say hello to the staff who have cared for you both.

...take your dream vacation going back to Hawaii with Gwyneth, hmm a 15 hour flight with a toddler hmm .. maybe not! with all of the firsts... rolling over, pulling up, crawling, walking. Each victory for her is your victory too.

...until the day comes when you can tell her all about her miracle story and yours!

I really can't wait... but I know from experience that our answers often take time.. in the mean time I will keep praying and trusting along with you!

Continue to keep Nate and Tricia and Gwyneth in your prayers and visit Nate's blog for updates at