Saturday, March 15, 2008

7 Things...

7 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me! Idea borrowed unashamedly and with permission from Nate's blog!

1. I LOVE to learn new things... not formal things like math or data, but I am huge on just knowing interesting stuff about a myriad of topics. This makes me a fierce living room Jeopardy player! When taking a Strengths test recently- Input - was perhaps my greatest strength.

2. Surfing was one of my passions in high school. I lived in Southern California and although I was never a great surfer- I loved it! I think I could still get up on a board although for this grandmother this would be an amazing feat for the feet and for the rest of the body!

3. Riding was perhaps my other passion in high school. We owned horses and I taught riding for several summers at Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall, CA.

4. Studying the lives of unique missionaries has become almost an obsession, although a closet one. I have managed to purchase almost all the antique books available about and by Amy Carmichael and Lilias Trotter. I am currently searching for a book about JW Tucker missionary to the Congo.

5. Another secret hobby is reading about and studying the great revivals in America and elsewhere.

6. If you meet me at school or church or see me at an event where I might be speaking or singing, I am really very shy. I know the talking and laughing and seeming boldness is at odds with that statement, but I am really very very shy. When they do that 'everyone turn and shake someone's hand thing' at church I almost always sit down and want to crawl under a pew or chair! ( as an aside) The last two weeks at church because of flu concerns they have been having everyone "wave" at someone during this part of the service. And last week the woman making this announcement said "maybe you just want to reach out and RUB someones shoulders"!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't think so! So see I am really not very outgoing!

7. If something were to happen to Garey (my husband), and I hope it never does, but just in case, I want someone to know I will go to a mission field somewhere until I am to old to be of assistance! There is a sweet woman named Margaret who is 90+ and who has gone to the Evangelical School for the Deaf in Puerto Rico, EVERY winter for the last, who knows how many years and just serves where she can! This is why I am trying to find somewhere to learn sign language! :)


David Rendall said...

Input is in my top five as well. The description matches me perfectly.

I'm listening to Know-It-All by AJ Jacobs right now. It's about a guy that read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica in one year. That is a massive amount of input!

Elisabeth said...

i hope you find some place to learn sign language and i hope you and your husband come to Puerto Rico and stay a long time