Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the New Year!

Essayist John Burroughs once said "One resolution I have made and try always to keep is this: To Rise Above the Small Things~"

I think for the coming year this would be a wonderful resolution indeed.

When I began this blog almost a year ago, I could never have imagined how much would happen in that time. One of the things that slowed me down this year was that I often allowed the small things to consume my think time. And so for the coming year I, along with Burroughs, will attempt "To Rise Above the Small Things"!

What are the small things that keep you from rising?


Abigail said...

:) If I stopped worrying about "the Small Things," my life might be SO much easier. So why do I keep worrying? But right now I'm debating how much to write in my comment, and what if I say too much or not "the right thing"... :)

Hope you are having a nice start to the new year!

Nana2four said...

Nice hearing from you Abigail! Do not fear about not saying the right thing...:) I will be praying for you in the coming year!