Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Time and Love are all that are needed to make a difference...

The face of an angel.... This is Jo Daughtery. Today Jo is 77 years young and still living exactly where I last saw her over 40 years ago.
The weekend I traveled back to Fallbrook for my reunion, I took a chance and went by the church that had given me sanctuary of a sort... and then just for grins I drove to the home of my former youth leaders. Ted and Jo had three girls of their own, yet always had room for twenty or thirty teenagers. Ted was a military enlisted man and he and Jo had dedicated themselves to be the VOLUNTEER youth leaders at the little Baptist church I attended. I knew that Ted had passed away many years ago, but I wondered.
I wondered if Jo might still be there, would the house be there? I found the house and parked and as I was getting ready to walk up to the door, a small women came out and asked if she could help me. I told her that she had already helped me and told her my maiden name! Jo was soooooo happy to see me and I was of course thrilled to see her. I just wanted her to know she had made a difference in my life.
She and Ted were just there for us. Their house was always open to us. It was a simple home and yet always and still spotless and yet comfortable. These amazing selfless servants fed us, fussed at us, drove us, let us play Twister in their living room, they prayed for us, protected us, stood up for us, and just loved us. Loved us when we were not so lovable. They gave so much and I just wanted her to know! Thank you Jo... much of who I am today I owe to you and Ted and a church willing to love a little girl from a less than stable background. Willing to give me rides, since I often came to church alone, willing to make sure I had something to add to potluck dinners so I wouldn't feel "weird", willing to listen, willing to pay my way to Christian camp in Glorietta, New Mexico where I became a Christian. Willing, available, and loving. Thank You Jo!

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