Monday, June 9, 2008

Time Out...

Since last Wednesday it feels as though I have been sent to "time out". A recent injury has left me spending way more time sitting than I am used to. But time out can be a good thing. Forced limited mobility makes us refocus on what is important. And as it turns out, there seems to be few outward things in my life that are really all THAT important.

The things we often spend our time running around like crazy to accomplish are usually not critical to life and sanity. There are so many things going on in the world right now that are important, there are things that do matter for eternity. But my momentary "time out" has given me time to think about what is important. What is important is our relationship with God,and our relationship with our family and friends.

Right now there are families facing grief, pain and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The world is facing heart wrenching disaster and I am spending a few days in "time out" to reflect and to count my blessings!

And what I still need to do will no doubt be waiting for me when I get back :)

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